The revolutionary scuba diving accessory that makes donning and doffing your fins the simplest thing in the world.

Oder auf Deutsch: Auch Taucher werden älter.

What is Finclip?

Finclip is a device that has been specially designed to be fitted to the most popular models of adjustable fins with exceptional ease, without having to bend down or use your hands.

Finclip fixes to the base of the fin with a serrated clamp hinged to an ergonomic heelpiece. This features a grooved track and sliding cursor to tension the elastic that allows the heelpiece to hold the fin firmly in place during diving.

How it works?

Finclip couldn’t be easier to use. Once the fin is on, just gently push down with your heel. The cursor slides upwards and the elastic pushes the heelpiece against your ankle. It only takes a few seconds to be ready to enter the water.



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