BSAC have monitored and reported on Diving Incidents since 1964 in the interest of promoting diving safety. It is important to note that it contains details of UK diving incidents occurring to divers of all affiliations, plus incidents occurring world-wide involving BSAC members.

The Incident Report

The report analyses the background to the incidents and over many years the BSAC and other UK based training agencies have constantly revised and updated their training programmes and safety guidance to take account of both developing technology and to address training issues highlight by incident analysis. A clear message from the analysis of incidents over recent years is summarised in most reports in the same way as in the 2015 report:

"Most of the incidents reported within this document could have been avoided had those involved followed a few basic principles of safe diving practice.  BSAC publishes a booklet called 'Safe Diving' which summarises all the key elements of safe diving and is available to all, free of charge, from the BSAC website or through BSAC HQ."

Remember you can never have too much practice and the further you stay away from the limits of your own personal capabilities the more likely you are to continue to enjoy your diving.

Please browse through the details in the current and previous reports and use them to learn from others' mistakes. They have had the courage and generosity to record their experiences for publication, the least that we can do is to use this information to avoid similar problems.

Brian Cumming,
BSAC Diving Incidents Advisor,
November 2015

Der aktuelle Report ist auf der BSAC Seite abrufbar (siehe Quelle).

Quelle: www.bsac.com

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