• Acclimatization
  • Dealing with Denial
  • Britannic 2017 Italian Expedition
  • 20 Years Progression
  • Hannes Keller & His Secret Mixtures

Quelle: http://techdivingmag.com

Das neue X-Ray Magazin ist wieder draussen.

  • Achieving Our Teaching Objectives
  • Analysis and Reflection as Learning Tools
  • Australia: The Little Life on the Great Barrier Reef
  • Australia: Victoria's Secret
  • Diving the B-29 Bomber
  • Giant Australian Cuttlefish
  • How to Take Really Great Photos of Divers
  • Jay Maclean Portfolio
  • Northwest Bali: Underwater Gods & Conservation
  • Project Baseline: Facilitating Needed Underwater Science
  • The Incredible Australian Leafy Seadragon
  • The Swimming / Diving Disconnect
  • The Unique Marine Life of Southern Australia

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Magazine#99 ist draussen.

November/Dezember 2017, 82 Seiten


  • Blue Planet II
  • UwP99
  • Gladius Submersible Drone

News Travel & Events

  • New from Master Liveaboards
  • Beneath the Sea 2018
  • Arctic Whale Expeditions Winter 2017 - 2018
  • Anilao Photo & Video Workshop 2018
  • Truk Lagoon 2018 with Brook Peterson
  • 50% discount on all domestic flights
  • Palau Liveaboard
  • UPY 2018 closing date 2nd Jan 2018

New Products

  • Ikelite housing for Nikon D850
  • Nauticam NA-D7500 housing for the Nikon D7500
  • TRT-Electronics mobie
  • TRT-Electronics o-TURTLE
  • Sealux HXA25 housing for Canon XA25
  • Fantasea FA6000 housing for the Sony a6000
  • New Ultralight AC-H1/4 handles
  • Acquapazza APSO-A9 housing for the Sony a9
  • Nauticam NA-D850 housing for the Nikon D850
  • INON LF1300-EWf
  • Subal ND850 for Nikon D850
  • Acquapazza 200 metre domes
  • Sea & Sea Optical Dome Port II 100
  • SECA DS100 Telescopic Pole Camera
  • Nimar housing NIGH5 for Panasonic GH5
  • Maldives nudibranchs by Jim Anderson

Product reviews

  • Olympus EM-1 Mk11 & EP14 by Phil Rudin
  • Nauticam WACP by Alex Mustard
  • Gladius Submersible Drone by Peter Rowlands

Competitions & Exhibitions

  • Competitions by Peter Rowlands
  • Looking for whales by Wade & Robyn Hughes

Marine life

  • Lion fish invasion by Jean Michel Machefert
  • Killer tooth ache by Dr Ingrid N. Visser


  • Blue Heron Bridge by Phil Rudin


  • Wonderful journey by Tim Rock
  • Book review by Peter Rowlands

My Shot by Ricardo A. Valera

Parting Shot by Jean Michel Machefert


  • SAUL
  • Hanging With The Humpbacks: An Adventure in Tonga
  • Diving The Baron Gautsch
  • Cave Exploration: Samar, Philippines, 2017
  • Beach Oxygen in Bali

Quelle: http://techdivingmag.com

Das neue X-Ray Magazin ist wieder draussen.

  • Best Behavior
  • Caution with Crocs: A Discussion with Forrest Galante
  • Diving Gordon's Bay in South Africa
  • Diving Lofoten in Norway
  • Let's Talk About Underwater Communications Systems
  • LST 349
  • Mexico's Cozumel Island and Riviera Maya
  • Review of Sony RX100 V Underwater
  • Shayna Leib Portfolio
  • Task Fixation
  • The Excitement of Sea Lion Dives
  • The Future of Scuba Diving in a Flat World – Part II
  • The Philippines' Southeast Bohol: Diverse Diving at Anda
  • WWII Wreck of USS LST 349 at Ponza, Italy

Downloadbar als PDF (ca. 54MB / 91 Seiten)

Das neue Underwater Photography Magazine#98 ist draussen.

September/Oktober 2017, 77 Seiten


  • Auto ISO
  • Hats off to Retra
  • Scientific research

News Travel & Events

  • American Crocodiles at Banco Chinchorro
  • UW Photographer Gerald Nowak joins Fiji Siren
  • In-Water Photographer of the Year Competition
  • Basking Shark Research
  • Wide Angle Uw Photography Boot Camp, Roatan

New Products

  • Best Uw compact cameras for 2017
  • Nauticam NA-A9 housing for the Sony A9
  • Radiant 3000F Video Light
  • Subal Q V3 for Leica Q
  • Ikelite 200DLM/A housing for Canon EOS M6
  • Dive Rite HP50
  • Sony RX0 1-inch sensor in a rugged and ultra-compact body
  • Nauticam NA-XT2 for Fujifilm X-T2
  • Ikelite DLM 6 inch Dome Port with Zoom
  • i-Turtle
  • Leak Insure Extra Value
  • UW Technics TTL converter for Canon
  • Gopole Triad Grip GoPro Tray
  • INON UW Variable Red Filter M67
  • Acquapazza’s Panasonic GH5 housing
  • Aquatica AGH5 Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 housing
  • Inon Dome Port Cover S
  • Acquapazza APSG-sdQ housing for the Sigma sdQuattro
  • Philippines 50 Best Dives
  • MANTA: Secret Life of Devil Rays
  • Freeze Frame by Doug Allan

Equipment reviews

  • Ikelite Olympus EM-1 Mk11 by Phil Rudin
  • Retra Flash review by Alex Mustard
  • Olympus 30mm macro by Phil Rudin
  • Inon UCL-167 by Phil Rudin


  • Anders Nyberg by Hergen Spalink


  • Filters in Uw archaeology by Augusto Salgado
  • Conservation photography by Tom Burd


  • The Alphonse Group by Christopher Mason-Parker
  • MCZ by Andrew Ball
  • St Pierre, Martinique by Jean Michel Machefert
  • Marine Parks by Attila Kaszo

Parting Shot by Keith Hiscock

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